The amazing and overwhelming feeling I get every time I think about my wedding day on the beach at the Jersey Shore… I owe almost completely to the team at windows on the water.
The Nj wedding venue is absolutely stunning and nothing at all like the tradition “banquet boxes” we kept waking into.

Larry Meluso, the banquet manager, worked with us from day one helping to create our dream day. Larry has so much passion and clearly loves what he does – he was always available to give me advice and went above and beyond to accommodate my requests. After a short time, visiting Larry was like visiting an adored family member – I miss him already! Receiving a hand written thank you note from Larry when we got back from our honeymoon was such a nice surprise and so very thoughtful.

The day of our beach wedding was nothing short of magical! The moment we stepped into WOTW we felt like royalty – “well oiled machine” does not even begin to describe the flawless flow of the entire day and night. Larry was there to greet us at the door and was so gracious and welcoming to my family. As I prepared to walk down the aisle, I started to tear up as my entrance song began to play. I looked over at Larry who also was tearing up as he spoke gentle words of encouragement – it is a moment that I will not forget and doubt that I would’ve had with any other wedding banquet manager.

Then there was Cheryl, our Maitre D. I can’t begin to describe how detailed, thorough and amazing she is. She was like having a second mom on my wedding day, always checking in on me and always made sure we were comfortable and happy. Right after our ceremony, she had set up our bridal suite with all the food from our cocktail hour as well as our signature drink – she said that we would should enjoy each other alone for 15 minutes … And that we would thank her for this later. Boy was she right! This was such an important bonding moment for myself and my new husband. She even went as far as bustling my dress after the ceremony, taking my veil for safe keeping after my first dance and giving me a quick lesson on how to sit down in a chair in my wedding dress!

I could really go on and on – It was truly one of the best experiences of my live! (2nd to our engagement). I am still swooning!


Grooms don’t usually write vendor reviews, especially this groom, but the experience we had at Windows on the Water on the beach in Sea Bright was so amazing that I have to tell all the guys that this is the place that you want to write your check out to.

For me, wedding venues are about food, drinks and décor… this place is 10’s across the board! I am a perfectionist control-freak and so is my new wife – and Larry, Cheryl and their staff far exceeded our expectations and wish lists. Larry is the wedding venue manager and when you first meet him you will see his strict, detailed personality and that’s exactly what you want when you are looking for a place to trust with your wedding and your money. He runs the ship flawlessly and keeps every inch and detail of the place polished and perfect. Cheryl is the maître de. She is a sweetheart has every little detail expertly under control, even the things we didn’t think of, and we think of everything. She gets you through the entire day without having to ask for or about ANYTHING. it’s like she magically appears at the right moments all night. So many of our guests said it was the best wedding they ever went to. Bottom line, our wedding was way better than we expected or even hoped for. 6 stars!