Pedio and Larry,  you made Erica and James’ wedding the event of the year.  Guests have been raving all day over last night, calling it ‘the celebrity wedding’  and ‘best wedding they’ve ever attended’. Every detail was above and beyond 5-star.  Being a guest for the first time at the little shack my parents built from the ground up, I never expected to see excellence at the level you two brought it to.  It’s hard to see when you’re on the other side because you see the little flaws as the workers, but after being on the opposite side last night, every minute of the entire wedding was flawless.

The staff were like ghost: never to be seen but yet every detail was covered before I realized it needed to be.  My water was always filled, my napkin was always folded, my table was kept so pristine to the point I never even saw a crumb.  The only thing the staff didn’t do was wipe my mouth clean after I licked my plate. The food!  From cocktail hour to dinner to desert to the amazing late night surprise Cubano sandwiches… Every bite was perfection.  I’ve never seen a wedding where people were actually mesmerized, even comatose by the food.  I didn’t see one person not finish every last drop on their plate even though everyone was ‘so full’ from the raw bar, carving stations with the highest quality meats and lamb chops, the fruits, imported cheese wheels, oysters, clams, shrimps the size of my hand, and the incredible non stop passed  Hors d’oeuvres all at cocktail hour. The beautifully displayed tray of appetizers, champagne, and designer water set up in the bridal suite for our arrival was magnificent and gave us the break and time we needed to ourselves.  Erica would not have eaten otherwise as she spent the entire cocktail hour greeting guests. Every bite was heaven. You two are stars!

On behalf of my family I must say Larry and Chef Pedio, we truly appreciate your hard work of excellence, dedication, and desire for perfection, and are honored to have the best chef and director of catering in the business.  No one can top you two, you are unbeatable.