Wow – what can I say about our chef and wedding coordinator. Pete Cruz was unbelievable. First of all, Pete, the chef, was completely relaxed and flexible with the menu. The food was very important to my husband and I and Pete did not disappoint! The staff was absolutely incredible! They came with this NJ Wedding Venue and coordinated everything on the day of the wedding. On the rehearsal they collected all of the information from this very anxious bride and took over everything. I didn’t have to worry about A THING! They calmed me down and helped me through out the day – whether it be making sure I eat something (at my husband’s request) or clean my face up (after my husband shoved cake in it!). I wouldn’t trade my NJ wedding venue on the Jersey Shore and the wonderful people that I worked with for the world. Our ceremony was on the beach at the gazebo laced with palm trees (that Pete gets imported from Miami!) – the day was gorgeous and everything was wonderful. My day (well OUR day) was perfect and I am completely happy!